Hand made wool and silk rugs
mySeelk loungewear & nightwear

Voveo uT Des

For Thierry Veron, the founder and Designer of the french brand Voveo uT Des, his creativity comes from a lifetime of design and art, which has led him to re interprete antique textiles archives into new patterns, for famous French heritage textile furnishing manufactures.

While still working regularly for these big houses, he designed a collection of rugs, hand crafted in Nepal. In this quest he intuitively experimented with colour, texture, fibre, and sensation while exploring new experiences and places.
The first series of hand knotted rugs, shown on Myseelk, were inspired from his travel diaries and the phylacteries found in Judeo-Christian religion, Antique Egypt and Medieval Art which are also reminiscent of Tibetan Darchang . Hence, the knotted words crafted on the rugs could symbolise the delerict antique temples, devastated after the earthquakes which hit Kathmandu in recent years. But they could also be a hidden emotion, a thought, more intimate and evoked with modesty, towards an absent lover.

Away from the mainstream, Thierry likes working with those for whom creating means an exchange of ideas, both bold and with a little humor.